Story of the Lamb

Voice of the Angry Lamb
Our voices seem never to ring out. No matter how loud we speak! We often tell others we are not well. People don't believe our words because you can't see mental illness. To see our different feeling on the outside speaks louder than words.
Journey of the Angry Lamb
The journey is what the lamb in us faces every day. The mental toughness we have grows every day! To show our angry face means we aren't afraid of showing our genuine emotions! 
Soul of the Angry Lamb 
The angry eyes should say enough, but it is only a part of what we feel inside. The eyes are the gateway to our souls and showing this part of ourselves to the world.
Trials of the Angry Lamb
The struggle, pain, adversity, and fear all represent the trials we face every day. To show those on our hearts is how to reflect our problems to the world.
Tribulations of the Angry Lamb
The tribulations of being our true selves are always complex. To push through those are the best way to become our best self. Turning the trying times into greatness is how we triumph!
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