About Us

About Angry Cordero

Our mission is to have a positive message to help people recover after the pain, struggle, tears, and adversity that they face every day, and to help people express their emotions and challenges through our clothing.

Your greatness was always there!

Angry Cordero represents the journey of mental toughness brought to us in life. Angry Cordero is a fashion company with the vision to help others dealing with the same mental adversities that our founder Matthew Clements has faced! Angry Cordero brings the awareness of the changing nature of life to show the good days and talk about the bad days as well. 

Angry Face 😠

The face that makes you great! Being told "no," "you can't do this," "you won't achieve that," or "you're not good enough." Those phrases have an impact on us. They lead us to channel our energy in positive ways to prove to the people that tell us that we won't achieve anything wrong!